next gen netflix movie

Next Gen Netflix Movie

Paying about 30 Million Dollars for worldwide rights (except China) at Cannes Film Festival, Netflix is coming out with an amazing ‘Next Gen Netflix Movie’. Based on the story by Wang Nima, Next Gen is an animated movie discovering a thrilling adventure. The film is set to release on 7th of September 2018. A must watch a film with kids or with our family.

Next Gen Netflix Movie Plot

Written by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander and screen time of about 104 minutes Next Gen Netflix Movie follows a lone and rebellious girl (Mai) in the future with a lot of robots and AI technologies where she meets a super intelligent combat 7723 robot filled with weapons. A strange and life-changing bond of friendship developed between Mai and 7723 Robot.

A secret mission assigned to 7723 Robot to stop a madman from accomplishing his evil ideas when other robots went rogue. A thrilling adventure begins for Mai as she joins 7723 Robot followed by a pup named ‘Momo’.

From being lonely to becoming a savior of the world Mai’s life got changed.

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Next Gen Netflix Movie Cast

  • Charlyne Yi  ( Mai )
  • David Cross ( Dr. Tanner Rice / Q-Bots )
  • John Krasinski  ( 7723 robots)
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer ( Junior )
  • Jason Sudeikis  ( Justin Pin )
  • Kitana Turnbull  ( RJ )
  • Michael Peña ( Momo )
  • Anna Akana ( Ani )
  • Betsy Sodaro ( Door )
  • Constance Wu ( Molly )

Starring Charlyne Yi voice artist for Mai and John Krasinski providing his voice for the intelligent 7723 Robot. Michel Peña known for ’Ant-man and the Wasp’, ‘Fury’, ‘End of Watch’ also serving as a voice artist for a scrappy dog character named Momo.

‘Tangent Animations’ a Canadian animation company provided the animation for Next Gen Netflix Movie under the Netflix banner.

Directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander were seen before serving together for the short film named ‘Gear’. Both Directors having past experience with various animated movies will catch a lot of attention from the audience.

Next Gen Netflix Movie Release Date

Patricia Hicks, Jeff Bell, Ken Cornick, Charlene Logan Kelly, John Morch and Yangbin Lu teaming up as the producer of the Next Gen.

Netflix’ and ‘Baozou Manhua’ are serving as the production company.

Paul Stodonly and Paul Kohut working together as cinematographers for’ Next Gen’ Movie.

Globally distributed by Netflix Next Gen Movie is set to premier on 7th September 2018 only on Netflix.

Next Gen Netflix Movie Trailer

next gen netflix movie
Image Credit: Netflix and Official Producers of the Film

Click here to watch the Trailer

The trailer is featured with the mixture of action, comedy, drama, and adventure. Carved with some pretty cool music in-between trailer follows the friendship between human and a Robot is seen when a kid girl ran off and found a secret place where she meets 7723. They start having fun together suddenly world changes when all robots have gone evil. 7723 assigned with a mission and team up with Mai to save the world.  

An amazing trailer filled with emotion, comedy and a thrilling adventure ultimately describing how stunning the movie will be.

More updates of the Next Gen movie will be coming in future so make sure you stay tuned with us.

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