No Valentine’s Day in Pakistan

A notice was issued by The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on 7th of February. The notice was regarding not showing any type of content related to Valentine’s Day on Television or Radio. It will be the second year for Pakistan not celebrating Valentine’s Day. The reason behind No Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is that it does not fit in Islamic values.

PEMRA says,“No event shall be held at the official level or at any public place,”

Pakistan does not want to promote Valentine’s Day in the country. This is because they think of Valentine’s Day as a western festival. According to Pakistani Authority, Valentine’s Day encourages Un-Islamic activities which should not be encouraged among the people of the country. This made them ensure that any print or digital media organization does not promote 14th Feb in any manner.

Other Countries on~ No Valentine’s Day in Pakistan 

The other countries are seeing this as a strange thing. According to them, Valentine’s Day encourages fun and spread of love among people. One cannot consider such an activity as a sin. But Pakistan has its own thoughts on this matter. They say that Valentine’s day encourages relationships that are not appropriate according to their culture.

It’s one’s right to celebrate for whatever and whenever they want to. If you think that’s not right and you do not want to celebrate it (That’s cool). But forcing other not to celebrate a certain festival by making laws is not right(well that’s what I think). Now as the law is in action now, let’s see what happens in Pakistan.

No Valentine’s Day in Pakistan will be a thing to look after this year. If that happens this year too then I am curious about knowing that for how long will it last?

Tell us what are your thoughts on Banning Valentine’s Day in Pakistan.

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