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Our Planet Netflix Series Host and Premiere Date

Our Planet Netflix Series is an upcoming documentary. This documentary is all about our planet Earth.

The show is having the following executive producers of the show.

  • Keith Scholey
  • Alastair Fothergill
  • Colin Butfield

However, the show is all about the different habitat on the earth. Moreover, the show also includes a partnership with the world wildlife fund.

The show is also going to explore the vast precious habitat. The show will also provide all the facts about those habitats.

This amazing show is going to take all the viewers to a tour of natural wonders. From the greeny grassland, the mirage making desert, to the icy lands and even to the greater extent under the water.

The show is going to include how life is around those places. Moreover, how these species tend them to save their precious life.

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However, “Our Planet Netflix Series” is also going to reveal how humans are making these beautiful habitats indulge in the worst nightmares. The show is going to be an inspiration for saving these habitats from the likes of bad habits that humans are performing.

Not only just habitat and species, but the show is also going to reveal the lives of species living in those habitats. How these species are becoming part of the change that is going to help them in these severe environments.

Every episode of the show is going to be a whole new adventure for the viewers.

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The show is available for the premium subscribers of the Netflix. Moreover, the show is going to be available in various languages.

 Our Planet Netflix Series Host

The show is going to have a host as the series is a documentary. The host of the show is going to narrate these adventures of these vast precious habitats.

Not only narration, but the host is also going to provide all the valuable information about these places and how life form changes from place to place.

David Attenborough is going to be the host of the Our Planet Netflix Series.

David Attenborough

Sir David Frederick Attenborough is a natural historian and an English broadcaster. He is considered as the national treasure in Britain. He is going to provide the viewers with the tone of a British accent in the show.

david attenborough our planet netflix series

Born in the Isleworth, Middlesex, England, David went to the University of Cambridge for his graduation.

Later on, he became a part of “BBC Natural History Unit”. Where he was the part of nine natural history documentary series which altogether constitutes a survey to the life of different plants and animal species on the planet.

In 2002, David was named in the top 100 Britons.

He is the winner of the various awards like BAFTA Fellowship (1980), Kew International Medal (1996), and many more.

Other than the host of the show Steven Price is serving as the composer, primary artist and even as the producer of the show. Komeil S. Hosseini is serving as the additional musical artist in the show.

Bradley Farmer together with Gareth Cousins is serving as the score editor in the show. More details about Our Planet Netflix Series are going to come out soon with time. So wait till we get back to you with the same.

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