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Half of the PUBG Players are Gone!!!!

Why is PUBG Player Count almost of what it was last year? Let’s see!!!

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the best Battle Royale Game and is still doing good with a huge player base. The Game still defeats most of the games with a huge margin in terms of player base. But as the popularity of Fortnite is increasing day by day. Because of this PUBG has already lost half of its player base.

And the Stats show that the numbers are still decreasing for PUBG Player Count.

PUGB Player Count is Decreasing

As the number speak, it is still a great record in gaming history when last Jan, PUBG Touched the player count of nearly 3.2 million players playing at the same time. But this didn’t go for too long.

According to the recent stats, the concurrent player count of PUBG is floating between 1 and 2 million. And after the January, the player count is showing a steady decrease.

pubg player count

In the past 30 days, the average player count of the game is fluttering between 800k to 900k players playing. Even though the numbers are decreasing, PUBG player count still beats other games. But Fortnite is a tough competition.

Reasons Why PUBG Player Count is Decreasing

Even though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a great game but it stands nowhere before Fortnite. Fortnite’s rising popularity is one of the biggest reason for PUBG player count to be cut in half. These points also the contributing reasons why PUBG is losing players:

  • Fortnite is free to play while PUBG is not.
  • Recently, a lot of hackers have entered the game which is giving a bad gaming experience.
  • Even though PUBG is taking some steps to get rid of the hackers, it is not helping much.

Fortnite is without any doubt generating more revenue than PUBG. Also, the Twitch viewer base of PUBG has decreased by a huge margin and other numbers are also not giving any good for PUBG player count.

But no one can argue about this that PUGB is a great game. The only this is that the developers are taking so long to come up with adequate steps to provide better gaming experience. If the hackers and other problems in the game are solved, the stats will also improve for the game as well.

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