restored by the fords season 2

Restored by the Fords Season 2

Restored by the Fords Season 2 is an American Reality TV Shows. The show is coming back this year in 2019 with a 2nd Season in March. Not much detail about the show is available for now, so in this article, you are going to know about the ins and outs of the show so far.

The show was first launched in December 2016. Even though the show as a 5 rating on IMDB, it is still liked by its audience. The country already has other similar reality shows like Trading Spaces and While You Were Out.

But the show is seen by it many people because of its unique format. Unlike a competition reality show, it is more like a show which shows a journey.

The journey of a brother and sister Leanne and Steve Ford who are transforming old and trashed homes with their excellent constructing and designing skills.

So let us discuss more about Restored by the Fords Season 2 in detail.

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Restored by the Fords Season 2 Premiere

The was first aired on 13th of December back in 2016. Now after a gap of a couple of years, the show has decided to make a comeback with another season of the show.

Premiere Date: 19th March 2019

The show premieres of HGTV Network. The two similar reality shows that we discussed above also come on the same network along with TLC. In Restored by the Fords Season 2, you will see Leanne and Steve Ford running their house renovation business.

They are all about transforming old deserted houses to new beautiful pieces of art. They are known for their unconventional and extraordinary designs that you will witness in the show.

So when is the Restored by the Fords Season 2 Air Date?

The show is going to air on the 19th of March, 2019. The first season of the show was also aired in winters and this time also, the show is going to air in the late winters.

The air date is fixed for now but if the show changes their mind or anything like that happens. We will update it right here in the article.

Restored by the Fords Season 2 Cast

The show revolves around Steve and Leanne Ford. I know it is a small number for a cast but this is what the show is all about. Not a competition but being a journey of these siblings to making beautiful extraordinary pieces of art from old houses.

Leanne acts as a planner and a designer for initiating the projects and Steve brings her ideas to life with his experiences hands in this field.

restored by the fords season 2 cast
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

One must say that it is hard to do business with a sibling. But this is not the case here, in contrast to this, they are quite comfortable working with each other. Both are supportive of each other as the shield and sword for the same warrior.

Let us see more about the brother and sister in detail.

Steve Ford

He has always been a great handyman good at fixing and building stuff. Her sister praises her a lot. She mentioned that he is still the same as he was as a child. He used to fix stuff but now he is transforming quirky homes to art.

For her, it is quite handy that she has a handy brother. Steve is also very clear and concise about his job. He knows that what he does provides life to her sister’s ideas.

Leanne Ford

She is the one who does all the thinking and designing of stuff. Steve mentions that it is her ideas that let them do such a great job. Her designs and ideas are extraordinary and out of the box most of the time. Well, it is not rocket science to think that they both know their potential. What she thinks is what he makes you can say.

Restored by the Fords Review

According to me, the show has some good potential for it. Unlike other shows, they focus on a single team doing different projects in the show. But the problem I think is that, if the same person designs every project, you can see a monotony in their ideas.

I have seen some people talking about how some of their designs look similar. But this is also the whole point of the show. Because this is what makes it unique and special. If they include more teams then what is the point of having Fords in the show name.

But I think they must include some special episodes where they compete in a friendly designing and building battle with the other team. I personally think this will be fun to watch.

The show has an IMDB rating of 5 and I think there is a lot of room for improvement for Restored by the Fords Season 2. But the show knows better what’s good and what’s not. According to me, it is a good show and if everything goes right then it can have quite a big viewer base in the future.

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