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Rising Star has grabbed the top spot among other singing reality shows. The show airs on Colors. The reason behind this success is the unique show format. The x-factor for the show is its Rising Star Live Vote. When the contestant performs on stage, the audience performs live voting. This means that the contestant has to perform under the live judging of the viewers.

The Rising Star Season 1 was a huge success. The show went to the top charts with amazing show ratings. The channel also seems to grow after launching Rising Star. This is because of the success of Rising Star Season 1 and Season 2 that the channel decided not to cease the show. This year the channel is coming up with another season of Rising Star. The season 3 is also named as the Rising Star but Season 3. Just follow the article in order to know more about the Rising Star Live Voting Procedure.

Rising Star Live Vote


Details of Rising Star 3

In Rising Star Season 3, Kids, youngsters, as well as oldies, will compete against each other. Although the age is lower, the talent seems to have the same heights. The performances are going to be as thrilling as the season 1 or even more. The channel seems to have a lot of expectations with Rising Star 3. The same format will be followed along with the same Rising Star Live Vote.

The age of the contestants participating will be between 4 to 60 years. Rising Star will air in the month of March 2019.

  • Show timing: 9 PM on Saturdays and Sundays ( Will be Updated)
  • Starting Date: Will be Updated

So, get ready to support your favorite contestants this year also. Besides there are some changes in the age limit, the voting and other procedures remain the same.

Rising Star Voting Details

The voting for the contestants in Rising Star is done online. It is done through the Voot app. The voting procedure is very simple and anyone can easily perform it. When the contestant performs on the stage, viewers give live votes for the performance. If the contestant hits the 71% mark then the wall in front of the performer lifts up. Although the viewers do the voting, the judges also have their unique importance. The single vote from the judge carries more weight than that of the viewers. By following the instructions below, you will be able to vote in Rising Star.

Following are the ways by using which you can easily show your support to the contestant you love.

We have noticed that many shows these days are also using “Google Assistant” for the purpose of audience polls in the show. So it might happen that the show comes with a similar solution for the same.

In case it happens, we are also providing the details of using Google Assistant for the same concern.

Rising Star Online Voting through Voot App

In order to vote in Rising Star 3, you will have to install Voot App on your smartphone. In order to perform the Rising Star Live Vote, you must first follow these steps first:

  • Go to play store on your smartphone and on the search type “Voot App”.
  • Now install the app on your device.
  • Open the app and register yourself using your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Now login using that account and you can proceed with further voting.
  • Click on Rising star Live Voting.
  • Now Start voting Online 

Click Here to download Voot App

Rising Star Live Vote (Check-In)

The uniqueness of the show is its live voting. This is the reason, the audience engages with the show and loves it on an emotional level. Because the viewers can see the result of their actions, many people participate in the Live Voting Process. Also, you can see your image displayed on the screen if you participate in Rising Star Live Vote. Before all these, you have to check In first in order to make it happen. Also, check the Rising star Check In to Vote Procedure below. Follow these instructions in order to perform Rising Star Live Vote:

  • Watch the live telecast of the show.Rising Star Live Vote
  • Before the contestant performs, wait for the check in to start.Rising Star Live Vote
  • Check in and then wait for the performance to start.
  • Now Select Green to vote yes and select Red to vote no.Rising Star Live Vote
  • You can vote according to your choice and you will be able to see live results on TV.Rising Star Live Vote

This is all you need to do in order to do live voting in Rising Star Junior.

Rising Star Google Assistant Voting

The show has not mentioned anywhere that the voting will take place in the Google Assistant Platform too. But to make sure if that happens, you can also use this method if told by the show.

Voting through Google Assistant is not much of a task to worry about. All you have to do is to open the assistant and tell him the Phrase provided by the show to use for voting.

To be simple, the process goes something like this:

  • Open Google Assistant (You can do so by saying “OK Google” of holding the Home button for few seconds).
  • Now say the phrase that the show advertises to use.
  • It can be something like “Rising Star Live Voting”.
  • In case you want to type, you can do so by pressing the keyboard icon on the bottom of the assistant screen.
  • Now the list of the contestants who are performing live will appear.
  • Just select the contestant and you are good to go.

Very Important Note: The show has not introduced any such Google Assistant Voting Method. The above information is just provided so that you can use this method if the show announces. For now, no such announcement has been made so you don’t have to worry about it.

More information about new voting methods in Rising Star will be updated. So keep coming back to be on track with the latest information.

Rising Star Judges and Hosts

The Judges will be same as before. Following given are the names of the judges who will be guiding the contestants this season:

  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Monali Thakur
  • Diljit Dosanjh

The show will be hosted by Ravi Dubey along with the little guy Parth Dhamija from Chote Miyan Dhakad.

Rising Star Season 3 Promo

Promos are generally launched for promoting the show. In the effort to do so, a new promo of the Rising Star 2019 was released. Various big stars can be seen in the promo and you can clearly see that the show is going to be fun this year too.

Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at the promo of the show.

(Click here to watch the Promo of Rising Star Season 3)

” Kiunki Jab Aap Vote Krenge Tbhi Ye Sitaare Chamkenge”

Well, that’s it for Rising Star Live Vote. More information will be updated on InfoGranny regarding Rising Star.

We keep updating the latest Entertainment news here so stay tuned for more information on infogranny.com.

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