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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is one of such Indian singing reality shows everyone knows about. The show has proved its worth by completing 13 seasons gracefully. Well this year, Sa re ga ma pa is going to come back again with another season. From the very first season, the show has done quite good and is greatly loved by the Indian audience. Follow the article to know the latest Sa Re Ga Ma Pa vote 2019 details.

The format of the show is just like other singing reality shows. Each week contestants perform and voting is done. The audience will vote for their favorite contestants based on their performances. And in the end, the contestant having the least number of votes will face elimination.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019 (How to vote)

Voting is essential for the contestants to survive in the show. All the contestants have their ropes in the hand of the viewers. In order to impress the viewers, they need to perform really well. Contestants need to increase their fan following by giving the awesome performance. More fans will eventually result in more votes.

In order to make sure your favorite contestant stays in the show, you must vote for them. You can do Sa Re Ga Ma Pa vote 2019 in following ways:

  • Online Method
  • Google Method
  • SMS Method
  • Miss Call Method

Read below in the article to know how to vote through different means. Updates will be made regarding new voting methods with time. Voting details will be updated as the show gives official notifications in such matters.

Below in the article, you will get the details of how you can vote online and offline for your favorite contestant in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa vote 2019.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2018


Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Voting polls 2019

As of now, you are quite known to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019 details, let’s have a look at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa online voting polls 2019. Voting Polls is a procedure which will be beneficial to know who will stay in the show and who will get eliminate before result revelation. So following are the latest Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Online Voting Polls. Participate in the poll and cast your vote.

Note: These voting polls are not official voting polls and have no link to online voting. this is just for entertainment purpose and is unofficial voting polls.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Online Voting 2019 [Zee 5 App Voting]

For those of you who stay online, it’s easy to vote online. You can vote online for your favorite contestant by going to Follow the given details in order to vote for your favorite contestant in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019:

  • First, visit the official website portal
  • You must register yourself first in order to proceed with voting.
  • You can register using your email or facebook account.
  • Now go to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa vote and proceed.
  • Then after a screen showing the contestant names will appear.
  • Now select the contestant you want to vote for.
  • Cast your votes and submit.

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Google Vote 2019

The most different way that has been introduced recently is the vote by Google. Earlier there was the trend of voting by SMS or Missed call. Then Websites and app replaced the voting pattern. And now new way has been added to voting procedure i.e. Google voting. In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l champs there was Google voting. So similar may happen in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019 voting. Requisites are below.

  • First of All, go to Google search engine homepage.
  • Type the keyword by which you may vote online i.e. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2019 Voting or SRGMP vote.
  • So then you will see the name of the contestants to which you may vote and save.
  • Cast your vote for anybody.
  • Remember you should have logged in to your Google+ or Facebook account before voting.
  • After casting vote click on Submit button.
  • In this way, you may vote for your favorite participant on google.

This was all about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019 online.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa SMS Voting 2019 (Offline Voting)

After the performance of every contestant, their contestant code will appear on the screen. Those are the codes you will use for SMS or Offline voting in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019.

All you need to do is to type that contestant code and send it to the number mentioned in the show. Type the code in the format that will pop up after every performance. This is all you need to do if you prefer offline voting through SMS.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019 by Missed Call

Each contestant like every year will have a unique number. If you want to vote for your favorite contestant, all you need to do is to give a missed call on that number. Receiving your missed call on that number will count as a vote for your favorite contestant.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Instagram Voting 2019 

Many reality shows in India are coming up with more innovative ways of voting. New voting methods like direct google voting, social media voting, and many more ways are coming for more frequent voting by the contestants.

More information is going to be updated regarding Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019 if the show comes up with Instagram voting or anything else. Stay tuned with us if you don’t want to miss any show updates of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Vote 2019.

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