summer house season 3 cast

Summer House Season 3 Cast

Summer House is an American reality television show. Bravo TV holds the rights of the show. Moreover, the debut season of the show premiered on the 13th of January 2017. Later on, the show went for the second season in 2018. In this article, you will know all about the Summer House Season 3 Cast.

Now, the authority of the show announces the renewal of the show for the third season in 2019.

However, the show follows a group of 9 friends who live under the same roof. The group spends their time in Montauk a town at the south shore of Long Island.

Montauk is a breezy beach town. In addition, Montauk has become a home for the people who want to get rid of hustle and bustle city life for some time. Generally, it is popular among young professionals.

“True Entertainment” the British production company serves as the production house of the show. Moreover, each episode of the show has a run time of about 42 minutes.

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The following people are the executive producers of the show-

  • Steven Weinstock
  • Matt Odgers
  • Sean Clifford
  • Noah Samton
  • Lauren Eskelin
  • Glenda Hersh
  • Scott Teti

Cast Of Summer House Season 3

After the news of the renewal of the show by the authority. Later on, the authority of the show confirms the cast of the show.

However, there are some new faces in the show who will join the cast of the show.

So the Summer House Season 3 Cast looks like this:

Kyle Cooke

Kyle is a man, However, from the heart, he looks like in the process of developing into an adult from a kid. He is quite content with being the life of the party.

kyle cooke summer house season 3 cast

Kyle is going to complete a two-year relationship with Amanda. However, he is going to convince Amanda about his commitment towards the relationship. Most likely it is going to be his ultimate test.

Some of the previous events have made their relationship hitting the every boiling point.

However, Kyle is risking everything by investing in the second startup. We will see what he will do in the Summer House Season 3 Cast.

Amanda Batula

Amanda is professionally a graphic designer and art director. Moreover, she is a hardworking person.

She generally likes to spend time with friends at Hamptons. As she finds it quite a relaxation for her mind and body. She is in a relationship with Kyle.

amanda batula summer house season 3 cast

However, she is also the business partner of Kyle. Moreover, she wants their relationship to move forward to the next level. And for moving their relationshi[ to the next level she has decided to spend another summer together with Kyle.

Karl Radke

Karl is professionally a salesperson. He is an outgoing and energetic guy. However, he is always ready to welcome the adventure in his life.

karl radke summer house season 3 cast

However, Karl is polishing his playboy tricks so that with focusing on his career life he can make an increment in his sales chart. Moreover, he is not into any serious relationships but he wants to find a partner to taste some essence of a serious relationship.

In the Cast of Summer House Season 3, he is more likely going to be trying hard to find his lady who can lead his life.

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard is the head of PR firm in “Hubb House Public Relation”. However, she is an alpha kind of women and actually, she is quite happy with having this capability.

lindsay hubbard summer house season 3 cast

In the last season of the show, she has given a chance to Everett for improving the relationship. However, she called their relation off for good and started focusing on her career.

Moreover, she is in her thirties and she is finding quite difficult to balance her career with love. And now with her new enhancements, she is looking even better.

Danielle Olivera

Danielle is a Puerto Rican girl from Hoboken. She is a fun loving character. However, she has spent her last summer is quite a rocky situations. As she has been into ex-Boyfriend cohabitation and spending her time in searching for the jobs made her life turning upside down.

danielle olivera summer house season 3 cast

Now she is with her boss best friend Lindsay Hubbard. And they both are going to break some hearts in Summer House Season 3.

However, with the confidence and spending summers in the east for a long time Danielle is ready to make Hamptons her playground.

Hannah Berner

Hannah works as a producer, writer, director, editor and even an actor in her viral comedy videos. Moreover, She is also an advocate for mental health. She is born in Brooklyn, New York.

hannah berner summer house season 3 cast

However, she grew up playing Tennis professionally and even for the University of Wisconsin.

Moreover, she is new in the house and for this summer she has no plans for slowing down.

She is also in the podcast as a host, questioning her guest about their insecurities, anxieties and even fear.

Jordan Verroi

Jordan is the funder of the amazing app “Cap Genius”. Cap Genius is an application, which is used for finding the captions for the social media post.

jordan verroi summer house seaosn 3 cast

Moreover, he is also a model for his app when he is not enjoying the sun of the Hamptons.

However, Jordan is quite a mysterious man in their little group. He often makes his housemates thinking about his intentions and truth behind his stories.

For this time he is ready to enjoy and extend his boundaries with his friends.

Paige DeSorbo

Paige is new in the cast of the show. However, she is the youngest of all in the group of housemates. She is an ultimate fashionista.

paige desorbo summer house season 3 cast

However, Paige is a quite sharp entrepreneur that is all about her freelance fashion writing. She is ready to enjoy and work with her friends Jordan and Hannah.

Above all viewers might going to see some of the cast from another show of Bravo TV  “Vanderpump Rules”.

So with this, we are gonna wrap up Summer House Season 3 Cast Details. More updates about the show are on their way. So make sure you share this article and don’t forget to leave a comment about your views on the show.

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