Survivor Auditions 2019

Survivor Auditions 2019

The registrations for Survivor Auditions 2019 are on. If you want to become the “Sole Survivor” and take home the Grand Prize of $1,000,000 dollars, then you are in the right place at

In this article, you are going to get all the details of:

  • Survivor Auditions 2019
  • Survivor Casting Call 2019
  • Audition Requirements 
  • Survivor Application 2019 
  • Casting Process

Survivor Auditions 2019

The American Survivor reality competition show. Each year, many people go through the Survivor Auditions to make their way into the show. This year, the applying candidates will have to face Survivor Auditions 2019. The show includes contestants that are isolated in some different location each year. Elimination is done each week and the one surviving till the end gets the title of “Sole Survivor”.

In order to appear in the Survivor Auditions 2019, you first have to fill the application form. Survivor 2019 application will happen online. You can submit the application online and wait for your chance to the auditions of Survivor 2019. Lots of people apply to be on the show each year and the same is expected this year also.

After filling the form, you will only receive a call, if the show wants to take your audition. Read the full article to know more about the Survivor Casting Process and Survivor Casting Call 2019 Details.

Survivor Auditions 2019

Survivor 2019 Application (How to Apply)

The Survivor 2019 Application form is available online. You just have to go to the official web portal for application in Survivor Auditions 2019. Follow these steps to apply in Survivor 2019:

  • First, open the online application form.
  • Then fill the Survivor 2019 Application form with all the required details.
  • Attach your close up picture and then a standard video of yourself.
  • Now click on “Submit your details” to finish the application.

Click here to fill the Survivor 2019 Application form

After doing this, if the show finds your application form interesting, you will receive a casting call from the show. The show cannot call every applicant so you will only get a call if the show wants to cast you.

Survivor 2019 Requirements

There are some eligibility criteria and requirements set for the applicant by the show. Following points explain some general requirements you need to meet to take part in ‘Survivor 2019 Auditions’:

  • The applicant should be an adult.
  • Only permanent residents of America can take part in “Survivor 2019 Auditions”.
  • The person should also be physically fit.
  • The applicant should have a clean record and should not be indulged in any illegal activities.
  • Only fill correct information in the application form otherwise you will not qualify for the auditions.

Note: Any wrong details on the form will lead to an automatic disqualification from the Survivor 2019 Auditions. So make sure you fill in all the details correctly and carefully.

Survivor Casting Call & Process 2019

Those candidates who have an impressive form will receive the Survivor Casting Call 2019. The show only calls if it wants to continue the Casting Process with you. In the casting call, you will get the Survivor 2019 audition details. After that, you will face the further casting process of the show.

So make sure, the pictures and the video you attach with the Survivor Application 2019 are impressive. But there are some size restrictions you need to follow for the picture and video you attach.

  • The image should not have a size larger than 2.95MB.
  • And the video should also be smaller than 30MB in size.

Just keep the above details in mind and you are good to go with the Survivor 2019 Auditions.

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  1. Reality Talent is that a company that you use to help select casting for the show? I received a call from them and read there email they want $297.00 to proceed along with 7 pictures of me. Is this a scam?

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