Survivor Season 38 ~ Edge of Extinction Cast, Premiere and More

The famous American TV reality show Survivor Season 38 is going to hit the screens. The show is based on the international franchise of the same name. However, the show is obtaining the theme from the Swedish tv show “Expedition Robinson”.

Expedition Robinson is the reality tv show based on the survival instincts of the contestant in the remote area. Moreover, there is the policy of elimination through voting in which contestant in the show takes place.

In addition, “Expedition Robinson” was premiering in 1997.

After 3 years the first season of Survivor was airing in 2000.

Charlie Parson is the creator of the show. However, he is also serving as the executive producer of the show.

Charles Andrew “Charlie” Parson is a British Television producer. Joining Tonbridge School in his high school days. Later on, he started studying at Pembroke College at the University of  Oxford.

He is also the creator of the British light entertainment tv program “The Big Breakfast”. Moreover, “The Word” is also the tv show which comes under his name.

In addition, Charlie Parson is also the winner of Emmy Awards in 2001.

However, the show is all about the contestant participating in the show. These participants have to live in a remote area without any help from the outsider.

Contestants have to find their drinking water source in the remote region. Moreover, they even have to find and cook their own food.

These contestants only have their survival skills in which they can rely on.

The show is quite popular among the people in the world. Therefore, you can find a variety of international versions of the show.

With this amazing show having a total of 37 seasons. Now the Franchise is ready for Survivor Season 38 and it is going to premiere in 2019.

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Survivor Season 38 “Edge Of Extinction”

For the latest upcoming season of the Survivor franchise, the theme is going to be “Edge of Extinction”.

Survivor Season 38: Edge of Extinction, is going the follow a contestant list of 18 or more people. These contestants are divided into two or more groups.

Then these contestants have to travel to a remote area where they are provided with some supplies.

Then these teams or tribes have to compete against each other for some immunity provided in the show.

Where the losing tribe has to send off one of their in the tribe council.

This tribe council is the elimination round in the show.

However, in some of the games, the individual winner is also the winner of some immunity. The individual immunity helps the contestant to be not the part of elimination in the tribal council.

And at the end of all games and eliminations, the grand jury of the show are responsible for selecting the winner of the show.

The winner of the show is called the “Sole Survivor“. In addition, the Sole Survivor is also the winner of the grand prize of 1,000,000 USD.

The show is having a rating of 7.1 out of 10. Which clearly signifies the attraction of the fans towards the show.

Survivor Season 38 Premiere

The debut season of the show was premiering on 31st of May 2000. Moreover, the theme of the show was Borneo.

However, the show attracted about 28.30 Million viewers. And the show was having the ranking of 2 in the best tv shows of the year.

Later on, the franchise was airing its second season on 28th of January 2001. The second was having the 1st rank in the best tv show of the year.

“Survivor Season 38 Premiere Date: 20th of February, 2019”

However, the debut episode of the show attracted 45.37 million viewers.

So like this, the Survivor franchise ran it’s all 37 seasons.

The finale of the last season was airing on 19 December 2018. And now, franchise announces the premiere of the 38th season of the show.

The theme of the 38th season of Survivor is going to be “Edge of Extinction”.

The premiere of the upcoming latest season is on 20 February 2019. The show is going to have a total of 14 episodes in the upcoming season of the show.

CBS Television Distribution is holding the distribution rights of the show. Moreover, the show will be telecasting only on the CBS network.

Till 2008 the picture format provided to the viewers was in 480i which is standard definition. From 2008 the show is only provided in 1080i picture quality.

However, the show is also available in the DVD release which is provided by “Paramount Home Media Distribution”.

Survivor Season 38 Cast

The contestants have to qualify the auditions of the show. So that they can further participate in the main show.

Till now, there is a tally of 570 people who have competed in this show.

The news for the cast of Survivor Season 38 is that for this time there are a total of 4 returning players from the previous seasons of the show.

This is the Survivor Season 38 cast list of the show.

  • Joe Anglim (Scottsdale)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Aubry Bracco (Los Angeles)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Kelley Wentworth  (Seattle)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Gwendolyn Diaz (Los Angeles)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Ron Clark (Atlanta)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Julia Carter (Washington)

  • Rick Devens (Macon)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Aurora McCreary (Orlando)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Lauren O’Connell (Waco)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Keith Sowell (Fayetteville)

survivor season 38 cast

  • David Wright (Sherman Oaks)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Gavin Whitson (Ervin)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Julie Rosenberg (New York)

survivor season 38 cast

  • Chris Underwood (Greenville)

survivor season 38 cast

The host of the show is still going to be Jeff Probst.

However, Jeff is also the executive producer of the show.

In most the tv show, you can find the host is being replaced by some other new one. But not in this show.

From the first season of the show till now Jeff is the only person who is holding the presentation duty of the show.

However, the winner of the first season of the show was found guilty for avoiding taxes and later on was sentenced to prison for about 3 years.

In a season of the show, it was found in the 6th episode that there is a transgender contestant in the show. The man who outed transgender from the show was fired.

So this is all about Survivor Season 38 Details from us. More show updates will roll in very soon. So make sure you stay tuned to receive the latest updates on the show.

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