teen mom australia premiere 2019

Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019 ~ Check the Release Date Now

Teen Mom is an American reality show. The first season of the show was having a total 10 number of episodes. Lauren Dolgen developed the show. In addition, the show is the spin-off of the show name “16 and Pregnant”. When 7.4 million Australians tuned in since its first season. After that, MTV announced the Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019.

Now MTV has begun its casting. They are searching for teen moms to share their experience with the rest of the world.

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 When is the Teen Mom Australia Premiere Date?

The American version of the show was airing on 8 December 2009. However, having the first run of four season airing till 9 October 2012.

Then the second run started airing from 23 Match 2015.

Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019 airing date is not been announced yet by the franchise. However,  MTV confirmed that the show will be premiering in 2019.

We will update the releasing date of the as soon as the franchise will announce it.

Teen Mom Australia Casting 2019

MTV announced earlier that the first season of the Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019 will be having a total of 10 number of episodes.

Casting for the show has begun. The franchise is now looking for the teen mom who wants to appear in the show. However, their certain conditions are applied.

teen mom australia premiere 2019
Image Credit: MTV Show Creators and Producers

A young teen mother can be the part of the show. However, you must fulfill the following conditions-

  • One must be 16 or older, having a child under the age of 2.
  • One must be a permanent Australian citizen or have a permanent residence.
  • Participant must be available for the shooting of the show.

If you can fulfill these conditions then you can be a part of the show.

NOTE- Your selection for the show is totally by the authority of the show. Even if you fulfilled the criteria you might not get the chance to appear in the show.

Teen Mom Australia Plot 2019

Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019 is all about to share the experience of the lives of the teen mom.

First of all, auditions take place. And the selection of suitable candidates happen. After that, all the selected candidates have to do the further auditioning for being a member of the show. If the selected candidate is ready for all the conditions of the show then the candidate can be the part of the show.

Then each episode of the show will encounter us with the life of the teen mom. It reveals all the hardship faced by a teen mother. Explains the circumstances which lead them to be a mother at such age.

Every episode of the Teen Mom Australia Premiere 2019 is going to fill up with the distinctive story. It will take the viewers to the wide range of problems faced by a teen mother and her affection towards her child. It will explain how a teen mother creates her own family when there is a lack of financial support, graduating from the school and even sometimes family does not support the teen mother.

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