the dragon prince animated series

The Dragon Prince Animated Series

The Dragon Prince Animated Series is an upcoming original Netflix show produced under Wonderstorm. Fantasy action adventure series is created by the creator of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and the director video game named “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”.

The Dragon Prince Series is scheduled to stream on September 14, 201,8 by Netflix.

It is the first season of the series without any confirmation of further seasons.

The Dragon Prince Animated Series Cast

  • Jack Patrick DeSena (voice of Callum)
  • Sasha Rojen (voice of Ezran)
  • Paula Burrows (voice of Rayla)

Jack DeSena known for providing the voice to character ‘Sokka’ in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. He is reuniting with the creator in The Dragon Prince Animated Series, providing the voice to Callum.

Paula Burrows as the voice artist of ‘Rayla’ and Sassha Rojen providing the voice to the little prince ‘Ezran’.

Aaron Ehasz, Justin Santistevan, Delna Bhesania, Justin Richmond, Gigi Pritzker, Giancarlo Volpe and Richard Grieve are the executive producers of the show.

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The Dragon Prince Animated Series Plot

Series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Aaron Ehasz is known for creating one of the best animated series in the world “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. The show still ranks in one the best animated series.

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The Dragon Prince Animated Series follows two brother Princes ‘Callum’ (Jack DeSena) and ‘Ezran’(Sasha Rojen). When war arouses between Moon shadow elves and a human kingdom, due to the consideration of the destroying the last remaining powerful dragon egg destroyed by the humans.

Rayla (Paula Burrows), an assassin elf sent by the elf’s kingdom to kill the Princes of the human kingdom. In the possibility to avenge human kingdom and stop the arousing war between two kingdoms.

When Rayla was about to assassin the Princes, the truth came out when Ezran discovered that the dragon egg was not destroyed. Rayla together with Ezran and Callum plans to stop the war between their nations.

Brother Princes and Rayla together plans to return the powerful egg to the right owner. So that war could be ended and both of their nations can live in peace.

They together team up and starts the adventure to conquer their mission by returning the dragon egg. When people of the human kingdom find out that both princes have left the kingdom they start in the quest for their princes.

With the help of Rayla, they move forward defying every obstacle in their path. They discover the power of the dragon egg and continued their journey to stop the deadly war.

The Dragon Prince Animated Series Release Date

Series created with ‘Cel shading’ and reducing frame rate for generating required animations, and directed by Giancarlo Volpe.

The Dragon Prince Animated Series first season is going to air on 14th of September 2018. English as the original language in the show, it is going to globally distributed by Netflix.

The Dragon Prince

Trailer released on 1st September 2018 by official Netflix YouTube channel.

the dragon prince animated series
Image Credit: Netflix and Show Creators

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Trailer outlines the quest of two human princes teaming up with an elf assassin (Rayla) to return the last dragon egg back to its owner.

Their adventure follows the mystical power of the dragon egg. To overcome every obstacle for restoring peace in their nations.

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