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The Good Cop Episodes [Netflix Series]

For all the comedy-drama lover get ready for the upcoming show The Good Cop episodes. It is the remake of Israeli show with the same name. It will be globally distributed by Netflix.

The Good Cop Netflix Release Date

The Good Cop is set to air on the 21st of September 2018. As the Netflix trait, all the episodes of the show are going to release at the same time. It is the first season of the show and we can expect more in the future.

If we get any official notification about the release of the next seasons of the show, we will also update it here.

Till then, all you can do is to wait for the release. But for now, let us discuss more of the current season of the show.

The Good Cop Cast

  • Tony Danza
  • Monica  Barbaro
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr.
  • Josh Gorban

Tony Danza and Josh Gorban are playing the lead role in the show as Tony Caruso Sr. and Tony Caruso Jr.

Followed by Monica Barbaro as Cara Vasquez and Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Burl Loomis. The cast is looking pretty good as we will see a singer-songwriter as a cop.

It is written and created by Andy Breckman.

Directed by Randy Zisk the show covers most of the New York and Brooklyn neighborhood.

You are going to see all these stars on The Good Cop episodes. The debut season is having the 10 episodes list.

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The Good Cop Trailer

It is the perfect mixture of crime, drama, comedy. The trailer is being played as both Father and Son are in NYPD department with opposite ideology. Father as being a corrupt officer who bought a civilian to a crime scene while the Son follows every rule and consider not to broke any rule of the department.

the good cop episodes   

Click here to watch the Trailer

Most of the crime show consists of a dark theme but from this trailer is supposed to be having a classic way of case solving with a playful theme.

The vise president of Netflix “Cindy Holland” is also very excited about the release of this new Netflix show and have a positive feeling that viewers will like it.

The trailer of the Good Cop was released on the 29th of July, 2018. Let us see if the producers come up with a secondary trailer of the series or not.

The Good Cop Episodes 

The show contains two Police Officers Tony Caruso Sr. and Jr. in the lead role living under the same roof as Father and Son. The son is extra cautious policemen who follow every procedure that is meant to be followed by the department. On the other hand, Father is a corrupt policeman who was expelled from the police department for the trespassing of the department policy. But unofficially they work together as Father is ready to offer some advice for his son on solving the case to handling the women.

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More is to come and to be revealed about The Good Cop Episodes. The Information will be available as the episode will release on Netflix. So make sure you stick with us at Infogranny by subscribing to email subscription which is free.

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