The Intruder Movie Cast

For all the one who likes to watch thriller films, we have a piece of good news as there is an upcoming American thriller movie waiting for you. Yes, The Intruder it is and we will tell you about the cast of the movie below in this article.

Moreover, it is a psychological thriller film. As the film is going to put more emphasis on the delusional or unstable mental state of its characters in the plot. “The Intruder” is an upcoming thriller film by “Screen Gems”.

David Loughery is the writer of this thriller film. David is an American screenwriter and producer. Moreover, he is quite into writing thriller scripts. As one can figure this out by taking a look into his various writing work.

The film is following the two couples who are trying to get in the new phase of their life. As they are buying their dream home to continue their life what they dreamed of.

However, the problem occurs after buying the house. As the previous owner of the house wants his property back. Even after the words, Charlie doesn’t seem to get the idea of getting his house back. Moreover, Charlie is having an unstable mental state.

Later on, Charlie is having various deadly plans to scare off the current house owner. So that he can get his property back. But the owners will take some help as they do not want to give their dream house so easily.

Read below to know about The Intruder Movie Cast details.

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Meet The Cast Of The Intruder Movie

With such an interesting plot of the movie. Now the only thing remaining is to discuss the cast of The Intruder movie.

  • Dennis Quaid- Dennis is an American actor. However, he quite popular for his wide range of dramatic and comedic roles in various films and tv shows. In 2002, he won the “New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor” for his role in the film “Far From Heaven”. Now he is playing the role of “Charlie Peck” who is having unstable mental health. Moreover, Charlie wants his house back from the current owner. However, Charlie is ready to use any deadly method to retain his house back.

dennis quad the intruder cast

  • Michael Ealy- Michael Brown is an American actor. However, he is professionally known as Michael Ealy. Moreover, he got his breakthrough from the FOX tv science fiction police drama tv series “Almost Human”. Later on, he went for movies like “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “Barbershop”, “Think Like a Man” and many more. Now he is playing the role of  “Scott Howard” in The Intruder cast who is buying his dream home together with his dream girl.

michael ealy the intruder cast

  • Meagan Good- Meagan Good is an American actress. However, Meagan is having vast experience in the film industry as she got her breakthrough in her childhood in various commercials, tv shows, and music videos. Currently, she was also having a role in the DC Comics movie “Shazam” in this year only. Now she is playing the role of “Annie Howard” who is the life partner of “Scott Howard” in the film.

meagan good the intruder cast

  • Joseph Sikora- Joseph is an American film and tv actor. The 42 years old actor has played numerous roles in various films and tv shows. Moreover, he is playing the role of “Mike” in this upcoming movie.

joseph sikora the intruder cast

More updates on the cast members of The Intruder movie are coming soon. So make sure you stick with us and we will tell you all about it.

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