the land of steady habits netflix

The Land Of Steady Habits Netflix

Adapted from the book by Ted Thompson under the same name The Land of Steady Habits is an upcoming drama movie from Netflix. The movie is all about a person who leaves everything behind to live some reasonable life. The Land of Steady Habits Netflix movie is a drama filled with dark comedy.

The movie is premiering on 12 September 2018 at Toronto International Film Festival.

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The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Trailer

Trailer released on 23rd August 2018 over YouTube tells about Anders who left his house after his divorce. Anders buys a house to make peace with his past and live a thoughtful life.

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Goes out to meet new people but suddenly discovers his mistakes of leaving his loved one behind.

The trailer is showing some positive response to the movie and seems like a thoughtful theme.

The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Cast

  • Ben Mendelsohn (Ander Hill)
  • Thomas Mann (Preston Hill)
  • Edie Falco (Helene Hill)
  • Bill Camp (Preston’s Boyfriend )
  • Michael Gaston (Mitchell Ashford)
  • Connie Britton (Barbara)
  • Elizabeth Marvel (Sophie)
  • Victor Slezak (Wes Thompson)
  • Natalie Gold (Dana)
  • Charlie Tahan (Charlie)
  • Josh Pais (Larry Eastwood)

Starring Ben Mendelsohn is known for his role in “Animal Kingdom”. Ben is playing ‘Anders Hill’ a mid-aged man who wants to live some sensible life.

Thomas Mann is playing ‘Preston Hill’ and Edie Falco will be seen as playing ‘Helene Hill’ mother of Preston and Ben Mendelsohn’s (Anders Hill) wife.

Filming of the movie started by March 17, 2017, with Alar Kivilo as the chief cinematographer in the Movie. Edited by Robert Frazen and music is composed by Marcelo Zarvos in the film.

Likely Story an independent production company is serving as a production house for The Land of Steady habits Netflix Movie.

The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Release date

Written by Nicole Holofcener based on Ted Thompson’s novel movie will premiere at Toronto international film festival on 12th September 2018.

Produced by Stefanie Azpiazu and Anthony Bregman is a novel based dramatized movie under the Netflix banner.

Directed by Nicole Holofcener movie is going to release on 14 September 2018 just two days after its world premiere. It will be globally distributed by Netflix and will be streamed on it.

The Land of Steady Habits Netflix Plot

With a running time of one hour and thirty-eight filled with emotional Drama and creamed with dark humor, The Land of Steady Habit story revolves around Ben Mendelsohn (Anders Hill).

the land of steady habits netflix
Image Credit: Netflix and Creators of the Show

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The plot follows Anders Hill middle fifties aged man who is struggling for living a comfortable life. Getting retired from his job and leave his married life behind to live a sensible life. He buys a condominium and waits for the passage of time to change his life. In the meantime, he even deserted his son (Thomas Mann) a college student. Anders getting a little uncomfortable with his new life befriends Charlie who is a drug addict.

Working as alcohol deliverymen, Preston was struggling. Rude and angry emotions of Preston defined his problems.

Soon Anders realizes his mistakes from his choices, feeling lost in the world and spending the time on redecorating his life. A journey started for Anders to reconnect his past with his present.

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