the launch 2019 auditions

The Launch 2019 Auditions

All new amazing season of The Launch is back with the bang after the success of the previous two seasons. It is the third season of the show and The Launch 2019 Auditions will start soon. It is the reality music competition for all type of music genre.

It was first aired on 10 January 2018 broadcasted by CTV Television Network.

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The Launch 2019 Auditions Requirements

For one to compete in The Launch 2019 Auditions by CTV, artist or group have to fulfill the criteria set by the authority of the show.

The criteria to participate is as follows-

  •       Participants must be at least 13 Years of age. If the participant comes under the age of majority parent or legal guardian must agree to the online agreement.
  •       If applying on the behalf of a group, if any member falls under the age of majority then you have to follow the above-mentioned criteria.
  •       Employees, officers, agents etc. who are sufficiently connected to the production or distribution of the show are not eligible for the participation.
  •       You must be willing to travel to or within Canada on such locations and date where authority designates.
  •       You must be available for all filming days required. It is your responsibility for making personal and financial arrangement in anticipation of your absence.
  •       If you are chosen to participate, you’ll be videotaped, portrayed and your actions broadcast throughout the duration of the program.
  •       To participate, you cannot be currently signed to any label. Or have any other obligations that would impact your ability to sign the agreement.
  •       If you are under the age of majority your parent or legal guardian should accompany you during production or other activities.
  •       You cannot have a criminal record or pending criminal charges.

The Launch 2019 Auditions Casting Process

If you pass the eligibility criteria of The Launch 2019 Auditions, you can then simply click on APPLY NOW.

You have to answer the questions as a part of the application section on the site.

the launch 2019 auditions
Image Credits: Show Creators and Producers

[Link Of The Application Form Will Be Updated]

  1. You have to make two videos one for your personality and the second one for your talent as a soloist or group.
  •       In your “Introduce yourself” video you have to tell about your hometown, your age, your story. How music changed your life? Which artist inspired you the most? It must be of 3-5 minutes.
  •       In “perform” video you have to perform a cover song which can be of any artist or any genre. You can be accompanied, you can even sing to backtrack.
  1. You must have full length and/or close up photographs.
  •       These must be taken within 1-2 years.
  •       One headshot and one full-length image.
  •       Photos must be less than size 3MB each and should be in png, jpeg, jpg format.
  1. Fill the online application. If applying as a group you will need to nominate a member as group leader. You will need to read and agree on the agreement for participation.
  2. You’ll need to upload your photographs and videos as a part of the application process.

If you are selected you will be contacted by the casting team of the show to move forward in the casting process of The Launch 2019 Auditions.

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