the legend of cocaine island cast

The Legend Of Cocaine Island Cast

For this time Netflix is going with a documentary film. The Legend Of Cocaine Island is Theo Love’s documentary and you are going to know about the cast here.

However, the film was previously with the title “White Tide: The Legend of Culebra”. Moreover, this documentary film has already been with some high praises.

Theo Love is the director of this film. He was even mentioning that “I grew up with thoughts that Documentaries are boring. However, Netflix is changing the game of documentaries in many aspects and we are glad to add some thrilling adventure in the collection of true stories”.

The film is all about a small businessman and a family guy. Once he came across with a huge amount of stash of cocaine. Moreover, of the worth of 2 million Dollars.

However, the cocaine was hidden in the Caribbean during the time of great recession. He comes up with a plan to reclaim this huge amount.

However, to claim this reward he has no idea of drug dealing. So prior to claiming his reward he goes into the drug dealing.

But the entrance to his new experience comes with some troubles. However, these troubles make this documentary fill up with a roller coaster ride of laughs and entertainment.

Bryan Storkel together with Theo Love is the producer of this film. However, Storkel was having a single goal in his mind as he said that ” from the beginning, I have a single goal to entertain audiences at a huge scale. And now being Partner with Netflix I can reach over 130 million people which is a dream come true”.

This documentary is going to premiere in 2019 only on Netflix.

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Cast Of  The Legend Of Cocaine Island

The film was already in the theatres having a lot of praises and clapping from the audience.

The production of the film began quite earlier of 2018. However, after the premiere of the film at “Tribeca Film Festival” in 2018, Netflix was into the talks to claim this movie.

Now, this amazing documentary movie is on the list of Netflix’s documentaries.

As this documentary is not like other educational, stuffy and, boring videos. However, it contains a shower of laughter and entertainment.

Moreover, the cast of the Legend Of Cocaine Island is as follows.

  • Bo Butterworth- Bo is a producer and actor. He is quite known for his movies like “God is Good”, “The U.S. Open Epics: Tiger and Rocco” and many more. However, in this documentary, he is going to play the character of Andy.
  • Bri Bryant- Bri is playing the role of a waitress in the film. However, Bri is an actress known for “The Seasons (2018)”, “Looking in the Mirror (2019)” and “Hustler: the Series”.
  • Greg Engleberg- Greg is known for his work on Carrier (2014), Patient Killer (2015) and, Serengeti Rules (2018). However, he is playing the role of a swat officer in this documentary film.
  • Matthew Ezell- He is playing the role of a customs officer.
  • Michael Opal- He is playing the role of Officer Jhonson in the film.
  • Danny Pardo- Danny is an Argentine actor. he is known for his work on SEAL Team, Prison Break: Road to Freedom. Now he is playing the role of “Carlos” in this documentary.

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