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The Professor Movie Watch Online Details, Plot, Cast & Latest Updates

Below you will get The Professor Movie watch online details along with the plot, cast, and other updates on the film.

A brilliant Johnny Depp starrer, this movie is an overview of the life of a man who’s just been told he’s dying. The movie gives you some excellent end-of-life advice dealing with marijuana to alcohol to reconnecting with your family and making the most of your life.

Reminiscent of Robin Williams’ Carpe Diem speech, but in a slightly twisted manner, this show is a must watch for all those looking for a dialogue about death mixed with some humor to gulp it down.

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The Professor Plot Details

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Richard is a usual, every day, routine college professor whose life undergoes an upheaval at this revelation. At first, he goes off the rails by not caring about societal rules and regulations.

He smokes joints with his students and remains perpetually drunk during class. He changes his teaching methods to make them far more engaging.

The Chancellor initially gives him free space but when Richard goes too far, he threatens him with suspension. However, it is then revealed that the Chancellor is having an affair with Richard’s wife, a scandal that could blow up. He refrains from his threats after that.

Richard eventually begins to reconnect with the people he loves and makes peace with all his mistakes and wrongdoings.

As the clock ticks down to his final judgment, he is seen reaching a state of serene happiness, loved by everyone and have no regrets at all.

The Professor Cast & Crew And Watch Online Details (Below)

  • Johnny Depp plays Richard, the professor, and the lead.
  • Marilyn Norry plays the Secretary to Henry
  • Rosemarie DeWitt plays Veronica
  • Justine Warrington plays Sarah
  • Linda Emond plays Barbara
  • Zoey Deutch plays Claire
  • Danny Huston plays Peter
  • Devon Terrell plays a yet to be disclosed character
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan plays Donna
  • Odessa Young plays Olivia
  • Ron Livingston plays Harry

So let us see if you can watch The Professor movie online for free or not.

Where to watch The Professor movie online?

  • Set for a movie release date of May 17, 2019, in the United States, the movie can be watched online on several platforms after theatrical launch ends.
  • Amazon Prime, Netflix, DirecTV, and Hulu are in the lead to bag online streaming rights to this movie. Since it’s a Johnny Depp movie, you can expect a lot of cash to be thrown around.
  • Amazon Prime subscriptions are available at almost throwaway prices, considering the additional benefits they also unlock.
  • Netflix subscriptions can be bought for cheap rates, especially if you’re sharing it with 4 others, which would slash the rates by 75%.

Gear up with a box of tissues and be prepared to ride this tearjerking yet inspiring movie all the way to its end. If you get the trial version of any of the streaming platform then you will be able to watch The Professor online for free.

The Professor Production & Development Details

Produced by Brian Kavanaugh Jones, Greg Shapiro, and Braden Aftergood, the directorial role has been helmed by Wayne Roberts.

Music was composed by the famous Dessner Brothers, Aaron, and Bryce.

The cinematography was successfully handled by Tim Orr and edited by Sabine Emiliani.

Global Road Entertainment, Automatik Entertainment, Infinitum Nihil, Leeding Media, Starlings Entertainment and Relics Pictures are the production companies backing this project.

DirecTV Cinema and Saban Films are the primary distributors for theatrical screening.

Although the movie’s initial title was Richard Says Goodbye it was changed to The Professor during development.

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