The Voice 2019 Auditions

The Voice 2019 Auditions

In this article, you are going to get all the details of The Voice 2019 Auditions. Here at, you will get all the information about:

  • The Voice 2019 Auditions
  • The Voice Registration 2019
  • Audition Requirements
  • The Voice Audition Cities 2019
  • The Voice Application Form 2019

Your favorite show The Voice 2019 may come out with the Auditions. So read all the details in the article carefully to know how to prepare for auditions.

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The Voice 2019 Auditions

The auditions of The Voice America are going to start in June 2018. So you better register for the auditions if you do not want to miss your chance in the Voice 2019 Season 15. The Voice Season 14 was aired on 26th of Feb, 2018. So the Season 15 will also start in the first quarter of 2019. Before that, the show has to complete The Voice Audition process in order to come up with the Voice Season 15. The Voice 2019 Auditions are going to kick off from the next month.

In order to apply for the Voice 2019 Audition. All you need to do is to register yourself on the official The Voice Casting website. Then, you need to pick a city for The Voice 2019 Open Call Auditions. After then, you can go straight to the auditions and present yourself before judges.

Read the full article to know about every step of the Voice 2019 Auditions in depth like:

  • Registering for the audition
  • Selecting the City
  • Getting the Audition Pass
  • The Open Call Auditions

The Voice 2019 Auditions

The Voice 2019 Application (How to Apply)

You can apply for the Voice 2019 Auditions Online. You need to follow the below details for your application in The Voice 2019 Auditions:

  • First, go to the official The Voice Auditions website. [Click here to Register]
  • Now, register using your email account and make an Artist Account.
  • After registering and setting up the Artist Account, select an audition city you prefer.
  • Then, you have to wait for the auditions to start.
  • A week before the auditions, you will receive your audition pass via email and on artist account.
  • Take a printout of the audition passes.

Now all you have to do is to show up during with time of auditions with your auditions pass.

Note: You can only use the pass on the auditions mentioned on it. Which means if you don’t use the pass for your audition then you cannot use it for another one.

The Voice 2019 Open Call Audition Guidelines

  • You need to prepare 2 songs for the audition. (In case the judges ask for another, you can sing that one)
  • No instrument is needed for the auditions so only use your voice.
  • You need to appear alone for the auditions.
  • Dress decently for the audition. You need not come in any animal or chicken costume thinking you look cool.

After the Open call auditions, you may be asked to a callback. If that happens, you will get a callback to return for further auditions.

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Note: Only those participants need to prepare for the callback auditions who are told to do so at the open call auditions.

The Voice 2019 Audition Cities (Dates & Venues)

Following are the dates and venues of the Voice 2019 Auditions:

Audition Place Audition Venue Audition Date
New York Will be Updated 19th of January, 2019
Miami FL Will be Updated 26th of January, 2019
Nashville TN Will be Updated 16th of Feb, 2019
San Francisco CA Will be Updated 24th of Feb, 2019

More updates are on their way about The Voice 2019 Auditions, as we get any official notification from the show.

So stay tuned.

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