the voice australia 2019 auditions

The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions Application and Requirements

One of the most famous Australian Singing Reality shows The Voice Australia has started its auditions. And in this article, you are going to get all the details of how you can appear in The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions.

The Audition forms are now available. All you need to do is to read and follow the article in order to get the latest details of the show.

The Voice Australia follows a format that is being taken from the Dutch version of the same show. The original show is created by John De Mol and it belongs to a huge franchise which is bigger than The Voice Australia.

For now, Sonia Kruger hosts the show and the show has received a pretty good response from the Australian Audience by far.

The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions Details

So yes, if you think you have that singing talent that can make you The Voice Australia’s Next Winner. Then you are in the right place. The auditions are not like most of the other singing reality shows. The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions and the format is in the form of a structure.

Each participant has to go through these levels which are:

  • The Voice Australia Blind Auditions
  • The Battle Rounds
  • The Voice Australia 2019 Live Performance Shows

So we are going to discuss these in details. And if you want to know how to apply for the auditions then read below. As we are going to provide the full step wise step procedure to apply for the Voice Australia Auditions 2019.

the voice australia 2019 auditions

The Voice Australia 2019 Blind Auditions

This is a very famous part of the auditions. The applicant appears for the blind auditions. In this, each one of the judges taking the auditions has a fixed time to decide whether they want the participant in their teams or not.

So when the participant comes to sing in The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions, the judges are not allowed to see him/her. All they do is to listen to them for a minute or so. And then they decide if they want the participant on their team or not.

If 2 out of 3 judges want the candidate in their team then the candidate decides which coach he or she wants.

The Voice Australia 2019 Battle Rounds

The teams of the singer after the blind auditions are mentored by their coaches. And in the 2nd phase known as the Battle Round, they battle against each other. The coach decides which 2 of his/her contestants will compete against each other.

Then both of them sing a duet. And on the basis of that performance, the coach decides which one will proceed to the next level of the competition.

After this, the other coaches have the chance to use their saves to take a candidate to the next round. The next round is called ‘The Super Battle Round’.

In the ‘Super Battle Round’ of The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions, 1 out of 3 contestants will be chosen for Live Shows.

There will be 32 solo performances in Super Battle Round and after this, the contestants will progress to the final 8 of the show.

The Voice Australia 2019 Live Shows

This is the final round of all. The contestants from the final 8 will fight with their voices against each other.

After this the final 4 of The Voice Australia will be decided. But that does not happen only in the power of Coaches. The audience has an equal hand in this.

After this, the Voice Australia 2019 Finale will come. And each coach will only have one member in his/her team.

All these contestants will battle in the finale and one of them with grab The Voice Australia 2019 Winner Title. So this is how The Voice Australia 2019 auditions will go.

Are you ready for the Voice Australia 2019 Auditions? Then read below to know how you can enter the auditions and what the requirements are.

The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions [How to Apply]

In order to apply for The Voice Australia Season 8 Auditions. You need to follow the simple and easy steps discussed below:

  • Visit the official website
  • The Voice Australia Audition Application Page will Appear.
  • Now Click on ‘Apply Now’.
  • The Application form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill in all the required details that the form demands.
  • Now hit ‘Submit’ and this is it.

So following the above steps, you won’t find any difficulty in applying for The Voice Australia 2019 Auditions.

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Now Let us take a look at the Audition Requirements.

The Voice Australia 2019 Audition Requirements

Following these rules and requirements is necessary. If you don’t fulfill these requirements then you will face an automatic disqualification from the auditions:

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Australia
  • The applicant should not have any criminal record.
  • Candidate applying should be of sound mind.
  • The age of the contestant should be more than 15 years old with age proof.

So this is it for The Voice Australia Auditions 2019.

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Stay Tuned.

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