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The Voice Voting App, Voting Results ~ How to Vote in The Voice

The voice is currently going through its 15th season. Till now the show has successfully completed 14 seasons. Now as the show is reaching its end, this is the right time that you know about the Voice Voting App so that you can vote to support your favorite contestant in the show.

The show airs on NBC Network and is one of the most top-rated singing shows on the channel. Now as many of you who are watching the show know that the contestants are competing in the Battle Rounds.

All the coaches are busy in preparing their teams for the singing battle. So if you want to know how to vote in The Voice then you are in the right place.

How to Vote in The Voice?

The voting process of The Voice is quite simple and easy. There are different methods for voting in the show and give your support. You can download the Voice Voting App or you can sign up on the NBC official portal.

You can use the following mediums for voting in the show:

  • The Voice Voting App
  • The Voice Online Voting 2018

Read the details down below to know how you can use these methods.

The Voice Voting App

To make the voting process easy, the show has come up with an app. The app is available for all android and ios mobile devices. All you need to do is to download the app you are good to go.

  • Just open the mobile app.
  • Register in the app with your social media account.
  • Now go to the voting feature in the app and cast your votes.
the voice voting app
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

(Click here to download the App for Android)

(Click here to download the App for ios)

The app has a lot of features besides voting. You can not only vote in the app but also watch awesome videos of the performances of your favorite contestants.

From building your own virtual team of artists, you can tweet directly to the contestants and their mentors. You can earn rewards and unlock content in the app which you can watch at any time.

The app also provides some interactive features for the fans. They can directly suggest their favorite contestants about the song they want to hear from him/her.

The Voice Online Voting 2018

If you don’t want to vote through the app, you can also vote directly for the contestants online. All you need to do is to sign up on the official website of NBC Network and you are good to go.

Just follow these simple steps to do the Voice Voting online:

  • Go to the official website of the NBC Network. (Click here to sign up)
  • Now use your Facebook or Email to sign up.
  • Now, Open the Voting Page after logging in.
  • Then all that is left to do is to cast your votes to your favorite contestants.

The Voice Voting Results and Voting Polls 2018

All the results of The Voice Voting App will be displayed here. Voting is going to start after the 12th of November. The voting polls will take place in the Battle Rounds which are going to start soon.

As the rounds proceed, all the voice online voting results will be displayed here. So Make sure you stay tuned with us to know more about the show.

For the time being, make sure you vote for your favorite artist using The Voice Voting App or do online voting through the official website

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