trading spaces 2019 cast

Trading Spaces 2019 Cast

Your favorite Reality TV Show Trading Spaces is all set to return on March 2019. The premiere of the show is going to be on the 16th of March, 2019. You can watch the show on Saturdays at 8:00 PM. In this article, we will tell you about the Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

Below you will get all the details about the faces you will see in the show. The show will consist of 12 episodes and the cast of the show has traveled all around the country to shoot the fun embedded series.

You may find the format of the show similar to the “Changing Rooms” which is a BBC TV Series. The show returned on Television on 7th of April 2018 which was a Revived Series of the show.

So let us jump right into knowing about the Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

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Who is in Trading Spaces 2019 Cast?

The cast of the show does not simply contain a bunch of actors like other shows. The faces you will see in the show consists of Host, Designers, and Carpenters. Well, not just simple designers and carpenters because they are quite famous.

If you start looking for the whole cast of the show from the first series then, believe me, the list is quite long. Below, we have put together the faces you are going to see in the latest series of the show in 2019.

Some faces are similar like the previous series but there are also some new arrivals. Are you curious about who might those faces be? Then your search end here.

Following is the list of personalities that you will see in the Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

Trading Spaces 2019 Host

The host of the show is the same as that of the Revived Series which is Mindy Paige Davis. She has been an awesome host for the show. Everyone liked her so much last year that the show decided to go with the same host this year too.

She may also be featured as host in the upcoming seasons of the show. But who knows the future, let us see what she has to offer this year as Trading Spaces 2019 Host.

paige davis trading spaces 2019 cast

A host of always an important part of the whole cast. She will be the one representing the show in front of its audience. We hope she will do well this year too.

Also, let us take a look at the Designers and Carpenters in the cast this year.

Brett Tutor

He is the new resident carpenter in the show. He has done a lot of work all around the world. This pretty much shows that he is quite ready for the show.

brett tutor trading spaces 2019 cast

He has done quite some work with the Peace Corps and built an intricate fresh rainwater system. He is also known for his high-quality projects like building sustainable septic systems in America.

Along with this, the guy has his own non-profit organization known as the Grid International. He is quite inspired by the idea of clean water and proper sanitation and has also worked for the same too.

He has built many such systems in many parts of the world. As a designer, he also does home inspection which you can refer as his another business. He seems to be a perfect guy for Trading Spaces 2019 Cast to me.

Carter Nicholas Oosterhouse

Carter is a famous Television personality. People who watch Trading Spaces are quite familiar with him because of the previous seasons.

carter nicholas oosterhouse trading spaces 2019 cast

Not only he as worked in Trading Spaces but also in other TV Shows too. He is known in the TV world as the host of Million Dollar Room, Red Hot & Green and Carter Can.

Famously known because he is a carpenter in the previous season of the show. You will also see him this year doing the same awesome stuff. Everyone knows he’s a good fit for the show.

Doug Wilson

Another similar face you will see in the cast this year too is Doug Wilson. He is the interior designer in the show which clearly shows his ability. After all, Trading Spaces casts the best people in the field.

doug wilson trading spaces 2019 cast

Along with this show he has appeared in Moving Up which is a TLC Show. Being is not just famous because of the show his individual work has been shown in many big magazines and newspaper which makes him an ideal fit for the show.

Along with designing, this guy also writes. He is the author of a Home Interior Design Book known as “Doug’s Rooms: Transforming Your Space One Room at a Time”

Frank Bielec

He is also an old one in the room. His debut was the very first episode of the Trading Spaces series which was aired in October 2000.

frank bielec trading spaces 2019 cast

He claims of being on Television as a joke and thinks that he hasn’t got his big break yet. But he holds the fan favorite position in the Trading Spaces 2019 Cast. This clearly shows that no matter what he thinks or says, he is kind of a big deal in the show.

He has a great love for chickens and has a great sense of humor too. Let us see what he has to offer to the audience this year.

Genevieve Gorder

She is another famous interior designer in the show and has been the judge on the HGTV Design Star. Many designers who are looking forward to making it big on Television seek her mentorship.

genevieve gorder trading spaces 2019 cast

Being a judge clearly shows her authority in this field. She has done a tonne of projects in the designing industry which makes her a perfect fit for the show in 2019.

Netflix Series “Stay Here” is also hosted by her. She has also worked with many other shows like Dear Genevieve, White House Christmas and Genevieve’s Renovation.

Hildi Santos Tomas

She is one of the most remarkable designers on the show. If you talk about the designers of the show her name will probably just pop up. She has a lot of history with the show. The audience loves her so much that the show wants her to come back in this year of the series too.

hildi santon tomas trading spaces 2019 cast

She also made her debut in the year 2000 of the show. She appeared in the second episode of the show.

It is probably not us to decide if she is suitable for the show or not. Previous installments of the show helped her prove herself. She returned to the show the previous year. Now this time too, you will see her designing some awesome stuff in the show.

Joanie Sprague

Famously known as a contestant of America’s Next Top Model she catwalked her way right into the Trading Spaces. She is a carpenter in the show.

joanie sprague

Everyone say her in the cycle 6 of ANTM. She came to the revived series of Trading Spaces when the show hit the screen after ten years.

Also, quite deserving and has done well enough to be a part of the show this year too. So we will see this beauty in the Trading Spaces 2019 Cast too.

John Gidding

John is going to be a designer in the show this year too. He was born in Istanbul Turkey and has received some beauty titles in his days too. Being a fashion model, he was in the list of 50 Most Beautiful People in 1999 by Rumpus Magazine.

john gidding trading spaces 2019 cast

He has received some other titles too. He is an awesome designer in the show. So we will see him in action this year in the show too.

Kahi Lee

She is going to be an interior designer in the show. She has been a part of the show “Design on Dime” as a designing expert.

kahi lee trading spaces 2019 cast

This may be one of the reasons for her casting in Trading Spaces 2019. She has also been a part of some other designing reality shows. She also has some guest appearances on CBS show “The Early Show”.

Let us see what she will do this year in Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

Laurie Hickson Smith

Another humorous and charming personality in the cast is Laurie Smith. She is also an interior designer in the show. She was born in Atlanta, GA.

laurie hickson smith trading spaces 2019 cast

It is often mentioned that she had an awesome childhood and she also had a younger brother. Extremely creative and is ready for all the challenges to come as a member of Trading Spaces Cast.

She studied from New York School of Interior Design and has also attended  New York School of Film and Television. This makes her pretty much the best fit for a Designing TV Show.

Sabrine Soto

She used to help her mother in her decorating business. So she has a taste for designing and decoration from the start. Famously known for creating beautiful yet affordable pieces of designs.

sabrina soto trading spaces 2019 cast

Being from Miami, Florida, she has also worked as a host for a couple of TV Shows. Well, that’s what the show demands, a proper mix of Design and Television talent.

Ty Pennington

He is an awesome carpenter believe me. With also some experience as a host of some Television Shows. He is a former actor and model too. Yea right! what more can you expect from him!

ty pennington trading spaces 2019 cast

He is in the show since 2000. Also, worked as a host in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which ran from 2003 to 2012. He also hosts some other shows but he again made up his mind to come back to Trading Spaces and show off his skills with the wood in Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

Vern Yip

Vern is from Atlanta, Georgia. He made some appearances in the fourth season of the show. But this time, he is coming full time.

vern yip trading spaces 2019 cast

He is also known as a judge of the show Design Star and has also hosted some other designing shows along with it. He is quite talented in the designing industry which makes perfect sense because he is in Trading Spaces 2019 Cast.

So this is it for the cast members of the show. We will update the article if the show rolls out any new update. So stay tuned.

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