Whatsapp Pay (An easy way to make transactions)

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature called ‘WhatsApp Pay’. This feature is going to make things a lot more easy for all the users. The feature is still in beta right now and will be out very soon. Moreover, WhatsApp is doing everything to improve its WhatsApp payment feature.

WhatsApp Payment Feature ” WhatsApp Pay”

WhatsApp payment feature is making many updates to make it more user-friendly. It will be great to have a money transfer feature in a chatting app. The payments will be paid and received through UPI ID in Whatsapp.

Previously, the user had to open the chat thread in order to make the transactions. WhatsApp saw this as an issue an decided to solve this with an update. In the latest beta update of Whatsapp Payment feature, they decided to be more open with this.

When the feature came earlier, we could make the transaction using the attachment option in the app. But the flaw was that one has to open the chat thread every time.

whatsapp pay

To make the user able to send money with WhatsApp Payment feature without opening the conversation. Whatsapp made the “Send to UPI ID” more reachable and visible to the users.

You can follow these steps in order use the payment feature:

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.  
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Then you need to go to ‘Payments’.
  • Now select ‘Send Payments” and go to “Send to UPI ID” in order to proceed with the payment.

While selecting the UPI ID, the contact list will also appear. This means that you can select a contact to send money and can directly put the WhatsApp UPI ID to make the payment.

Other than this, if you are receiving the money but you don’t have a UPI ID then you will receive a notification from the app.

Whatsapp is surely on the road to improving. More updates can come out improving the Whatsapp Payment Feature.

More information will be updated here as more updates roll out.

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