while you were out 2019 cast

While You Were Out 2019 Cast

The famous American Reality TV Series While You Were Out is coming back this year in 2019. The show is going to air on the 16th of March 2019. The show will hit the Television screen on every Saturday night at 9 PM. So everyone is eager to know about While You Were Out 2019 Cast.

The format of the show is similar to that of Trading Spaces which is also coming back this year also.

Coming back to the show, it was announced on 5th of November that the show will come with a reboot series. This year, the show will have its 5th season being aired on TLC.

The first installment of the show started back in July 2002 with a new season coming out every year till 2006. But after this, the went off for quite a while. But after the announcement about the show coming back. It is not a surprise that everyone wants to know everything about the cast.

So let us jump right into it.

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Who is in While You Were Out 2019 Reboot Cast?

Talking about the cast of the show. The show consists of a Host who will be with you throughout the full journey of the show. Designers and Carpenters are also there as an important part of the cast.

You will see some new faces but can also expect to see some old ones too. The thing is that the show is returning after a long time, so it is quite obvious to have a new cast in the show.

According to the sources, the cast will have designers and carpenters from Trading Spaces which will work in pairs.

The cast of the show is as follows:

Carter Oosterhouse & Sabrina Soto

He is known for being a member of the cast of Trading Spaces. Everyone has seen him in the show so it is not a big surprise that he is in While You Were Out 2019 Cast too. Being an actor and model too he is popular for his several appearances in different TV Shows.

Another Member from the same show is Sabrina Soto. She is going to team up with Carter Oosterhouse in While You Were Out. Since Carter and Sabrina are from the same show, they share a lot of memories with each other. This surely makes them a strong team in the show.

Ty Pennington & Hildo Santos- Tomas

This team has a carpenter and an interior designer in it. The two of them are good friends for quite a while. Being skillful and comfortable with each other they are ready to ram other teams. It will be fun to watch what they have in them as a team

Ty Pennington & Hildo Santos- Tomas while you were out 2019 cast

Vern Yip & Frank Bielec

Here comes the team which has a lot of experience in the concerned field. Vern is a known designer in the industry whereas Frank has the most experience related to Designing Reality TV Shows. This makes complete sense to include them both in the While You Were Out 2019 Cast.

Vern Yip & Frank Bielec while you were out 2019 cast

Doug Wilson & Kahi Lee

Both of the members of this team are known for their performances as host in various shows. But this time they have a different job upon their shoulders. Well, the job is another one of their strong points. Both of them are popular designers with television exposure too.

doug wilson and kahi lee while you were out 2019 cast


Aubrey Marunde & Bristol

Well, this team is strong and not only with their skills but physical strength too. Bristol is a well known MMA fighter who has also been in some other shows. Both of them met at a UFC fight back in 2009. They fell in love and are together since then which 2 sons. What can be a stronger team then such a well-fitted couple?

Aubrey Marunde & Bristol while you were out 2019 cast

Hilary Farr & David Visentin

Everyone has witnessed the chemistry between David and Hilary on the show Love it or List it. They are not married but have a strong relationship with each other. Their sense of comfort is no less than a couple.

Hilary Farr & David Visentin while you were out 2019 cast

Karen Laine & Mina Starsiak

This couple is all about renovating homes. Many have witnessed them transforming homes just like magic. This makes them the go-to team for the show. I am quite curious about the level of competition they are going to give to other contestants of the show.

Karen Laine & Mina Starsiak while you were out 2019 cast

Nicole Curtis & Rob Van Wrinkle

This team consists of a beautiful lady who is a mother of 2 boys and a guy who is a rapper, actor, host, producer and more. This is a quite versatile team on the show which makes it even more fun to watch. Since they do more things, I will say that fans can expect more.

nicole curtis while you were out 2019 cast

rob van wrinkle

Eric Griffin

He is going to be a carpenter in the house. He helps people find places in their house which can do better. Being an expert in the field he is known for transforming empty places in the house with awesome pieces of art.

eric griffin

Jordan Thompson

Another carpenter in While You Were Out 2019 Cast is Jordan Thompson. Being an American Football Player he has played in many big American Football leagues. He is now in the show to show his magic with the wood.

jordan thompson

So this is it about the cast of While You Were Out 2019 Reboot. More updates are on their way so stay tuned with Infogranny.

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