wild district netflix series

Wild District Netflix Series

Starring Juan Pablo Raba, Wild District Netflix series is going to air on October 19, 2018. Wild District created by Cristian Conti is an action featured Crime, Drama and Thriller series.

Wild District will consist of 10 episodes following the past of Jhon Jeiver, who reconnects with his family protect them from his criminal past.

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Wild District Netflix Series

Title translated from “Distrito Salvaje” is a third original Netflix Columbian series. ’Dynamo productions’ producing the show under the Netflix banner.

Ten-episode season created by Cristian Conti will follow Juan Pablo Raba (Jhon Jeiver) in the conquest of his past and reconnect with his lost family.

Netflix spreading its territory in Latin countries, Wild District Netflix series follows crime and corruption, the struggle of centralized character to reinsert him in the society. It is the first season of the show contains a ten episodes list without any future season confirmation of the show.

Wild District Netflix Series Cast

So here is the cast of the show:

  • Juan Pablo Raba
  • Cristina Umaña
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez
  • Juan Sebastian Calero
  • Camila Sodi
  •  Alina Lozano 
  • Cristian Tappan
  • Carolina Acevedo
  • Roberto Cano

Starring Juan Pablo Raba, who is commonly known for his role as ‘Gustavo Gaviria’ in the TV series Narcos. Cristina Umaña also worked in Narcos will be sharing the screen with Juan Pablo Raba.

Some of the cast have served together for one of the best show under Netflix “Narcos”.

Star cast filled with talented Columbian actors and directed by Carlos Moreno and Javier Fuentes-León increases the show’s hype.

Written by Cristian Conti, Mauricio Leyva, Javier Gullón and Javier Fuentes-León is third Netflix original content for Columbian TV.

Wild District Netflix is produced by ‘Dynamo’ one of the famous production company in Latin America. Javier Gullón, Juan Pablo Raba, Andrés Calderón and Javier Fuentes-León are serving as executive producers of the show.

Wild District Netflix Series Release Date

Wild District is written by Cristian Conti, Javier Fuentes-León, Mauricio Leyva and Javier Gullón. It is third Columbian Netflix original. Confirmed by Netflix, Wild District will premiere on 19th of October 2018.

wild district netflix series
Image Credit: Netflix and Producers of the show.

Netflix is the official broadcaster of the show.  The show is filmed in Columbia and will be available for Canada, United States of America, Caribbean Region and Latin counties Netflix subscribers. The first season of the show will be having 10 episodes. Filled with the genre of Crime, Drama, Action, and Thriller makes the show a must watch.

Wild District Netflix Series Plot

The action featured crime thriller series follows Juan Pablo Raba as ’Jhon Jeiver’ who is a former guerrilla trooper. After singing of the Columbian peace agreement Jhon leaves the forest. Haunted by his past he reaches Bogotá in search of his lost family to reconnect and get along with the society.

But soon he finds himself enclosed with corruption and crime. Struggling from his past and protecting his family he gets confused with the side he wants to choose of the law.

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