World Of Dance Season 3 ~ Premiere Date, Host, Judges, Cast and More

World Of Dance Season 3 is an American reality TV dance competition show. Jennifer Lopez is one of the executive producers of the show. However, Jennifer is quite a famous pop artist. Moreover, she has appearances in some of the movies too.

This show is in partnership with the global dance brand “World of Dance”. It is a famous dance, music and entertainment brand. However, it has its roots from Southern California.

David Gonzalez, Michael McGinn, and Myron Marten are the founder of this brand.

This brand is currently expanding and has dance competitions in more than 25 countries. However, World of Dance Season 3 will bring all different forms of dance into a single platform.

Moreover, it is the largest dance community having more than 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

In 2017, this amazing brand was successful in launching the “World Of Dance” reality competition show.

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However, the show is having a rating of 6.9 out of 10 in IMDb. It is quite a good rating to attract viewers from different parts of the world.

Initially, the show was airing as the complement for the other amazing show “America’s Got Talent”. However, with the positive reviews from the viewers of the show, the show went for another run.

People from different part of the eligible region can participate in the additions of the show. However, one has to publish their performance online to the judges of the show.

These auditions have different categories for the participants. Moreover, the selected participants get a call back for further auditioning.

Later on, the deserving candidates from the auditions participate in the main competition of the show.

However, the winner of the show also receives the grand prize of 1,000,000 USD.

Now the show is ready for its third edition in 2019.

World Of Dance Season 3 Premiere Date

As we all know that, World Of Dance Season 3 is going to be the platform to shine in the dancing world. The show is a link up with the world-famous dance and music company of the same name.

However, this franchise is successful for creating 25 competitions across the globe. The first edition of this amazing dance show was premiering on the 30th of May 2017. The debut season was having a total of 10 episodes in the show.

world of dance season 3 premiere
Image Credit: Show Creators and Producers

And the finale of the debut season was telecasting on 8 August 2017. However, with a good response from the viewers of the show. The franchise was ready for its another season.

The second season of the show was completing its production work. And on the 29th of May 2018, the premiere of the second season was scheduling.

However, for the second run of the show, the season was having a total of 16 episodes in the show. Moreover, there was a fourth rank also present in the prizing ceremony of the show. But the grand prize was the same amount as in the first season even after the increment in the total number of episodes as compared to the previous edition of the show.

Now, the third edition of this dance reality genre show, the latest upcoming third season is going to premiere on 26th of February 2019.

However, the third edition of the show was ready for the run even prior to the premiere of the second season.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is going to premiere the show for its viewers. The show is going to have a runtime of an hour for each episode in the third season.

The timing for the World Of Dance Season 3 is going to be 9/8 c.

Moreover, the viewers can also watch this program on the official NBC website. The program is available in the 1080i format with the aspect ratio of the video is 16:9 HD.

The franchise has even created its different versions in Poland, Philippines, and Thailand. Altogether, the franchise has 4 different international versions of the show including the USA.

World Of Dance Season 3 Host

The host plays the most important role in reality programs show. These hosts have to present the artist in the program and even have to entertain the viewers.

With having a quite talented host in the show makes the program entertaining and irresistible for miss the episodes of World Of Dance Season 3.

world of dance season 3 host
World Of Dance 3 Host: Scott Evans

The first season of the World Of Dance was premiering Jenna Dewan as the host of the show.

Jenna Dewan is an American dancer and actress. However, Jenna started her career as the backup dancer for the pop artist Janet Jackson.

Later on, she even started working with other artists like “Missy Elliott”, “Pink”, and even “Christina Maria Aguilera”.

In 2006, Jenna got her a break with a chance to work in the movie. And she was having the role of  Nora Clark in the “Step Up” 2006 movie.

However, she has been in many other tv programs and one of them is the role of “Lucy Lane” in the “Supergirl” series of The CW network. Now, Jenna Dewan is no longer the part of World Of Dance franchise.

With the confirmation of the authority of the show, Scott Evans is going to replace Jenna Dewan.

Scott Evans is an American TV personality. He is formerly known as “Access Hollywood”. Scott is born in New Jersey and has an experience of the news anchor at Channel One News.

He has on the Channel One from 2012 to 2015. However, he has also an appearance in the game reality show “American Ninja Warrior” in the episode of the “Red Nose Day: Celebrity Ninja Warrior”.

And now, Scott is going to be the new host of the World of Dance Season 3. It will be his firsts season with the franchise.

World Of Dance Season 3 Judges

The show is having different judges for the first round of auditions. However, from the call back auditions and the main program of the show, you are going to see the following personalities as the judges in the show.

  • Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is a famous American Pop singer, actress, dancer, and producer. She started her career as from her appearances as the fly girl dancer on “In Living Color”. It was a comedy television series.

world of dance season 3 judges
Jennifer Lopez in World Of Dance

Later on, she left the show as she wanted to pursue the acting career. However, she started acting in the “Anaconda” film in 1998 and then she went for establishing herself as the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood.

Jennifer is the winner of the “Golden Globe” award for her first major role in 1997.

In 2012, she was ranked as the most powerful celebrity in the world by “Forbes” and the 38th most powerful woman in the world.

Jennifer also plays the role of Harlee Santos in the hit NBC show “Shades of Blue” and she is even the producer of this show.

It will be the third season for her as the host of World Of Dance. However, she is also the executive producer of the show.

And it is likely that we are going to see her as the judge in the future renewal of this dance reality show.

  • Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo is the professional or you can say the stage name of Shaffer Chimere Smith. He is a songwriter, singer, record producer, and dancer.

world of dance season 3 judge
Ne-Yo: World Of Dance Judge

Ne-Yo was starting to get his fame back in 2004 for writing the song “Let me love you” for the singer Mario. Later on, he was signing a contract with “Def Jam Recordings” for a recording.

His debut solo single “Stay” was a moderate success back in that time. However, his first studio album “In my own words” was a success in 2006. Moreover, it was leading the Billboard 200 chart in the USA.

Ne-Yo was the winner of the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary R&B album at 50th Grammy Awards.

Later on, in 2008 his album was nominated for Grammy Awards and was the best album of the year.

Now with having interest in dance as well, he started serving as the judge of the World Of Dance. Ne-Yo is the part of the show from its first edition.

Now, with two successful seasons with the World Of Dance, he is going to continue as the judge of the show.

  • Darek Hough

Darek is a famous Latin and ballroom dancer. He is also a singer and choreographer.

world of dance season 3 judge
Darek Hough World Of Dance Judge

Born in the Salt Lake City, Utah Darek went to “Italia Conti Academy of Theatre and Arts” in London for his education.

Since 2007, Darek was appearing in the ABC network’s dance reality show “Dancing with the Stars”. However, he has a record under his name for winning a total of 6 seasons in the show.

However, with a total of 9 nominations in “Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography” and was the winner for two times.

In 2013, Darek got his acting break when he was starring in the movie “Make Your Move” which was a Romeo and Juliet inspired.

However, in May 2017 he was joining with Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo as the judge of the dance reality competition show “World Of Dance”.

Now, it is confirmed, Darek will also be going to be serving as the judge of the show for the third consecutive time.

In addition, there is no replacement for any judges in the World Of Dance Season 3 like it was for the host of the show.

World Of Dance Season 3 Cast

The casting process for the World Of Dance Season 3 was completed a long way back.

Auditions took place for the selection of the candidates for the main program of the show.

Season Winner Runner-up Third Place
1  Les Twins Eva Igo  Swing Latino
2  The Lab Michael Dameski  Charity & Andres

For the debut season of the show, the winner was the team of twin brothers. They were known as the Les Twins.

However, the winner of the second season was the team known as “The Lab”.

Moreover, the participants of the third season are ready. However, the identity of the participants is still not revealed by the authority of the show.

NOTE- We will update the list of the participants in the show as soon as the authority of the show will reveal.

World Of Dance Season 3 Format

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss the format, concept, and the scoring procedure in the show.

The show is solely about the dance competition. However, to participate in this show one has to qualify the auditions for the show. In addition, any type of dance style participant can select for their convenience.

However, there are different categories for the participants to choose before participating in the main competition in the show.

When the participants are finalized for the World Of Dance Season 3 then they have to gain the score from the judges to qualify further in the show.

The elimination in the show is in following rounds of the show.

  • The Qualifiers-  The participants in the show have to attain a total of 85 points so that they can qualify for the next round. However, in previous season contestant have to qualify with 80 points.
  • The Duels- In this round, the contestant chooses their rivals. However, this process starts with the highest scorer in the previous round of the show.
  • The Cut- In this round, mentors are assigned to each division. Top 3 performances are moved for the final round.
  • Divisional Final- In this round a guest judge joins the panel. However, top performance in each division of the show is the winner of the division. Moreover, the divisional winner competes for the World Final of the show.

In the world final of the show, each winner from their division competes for the grand prize of 1,000,000 USD.

Scoring Criteria

There are five criteria in the show for judges to score. However, each criterion is having a maximum score of 20.

Later on, the overall score is calculated out of 100.

These are the criteria and sub-criteria for judges to prove the score for each performance


  • Effort
  • Personality


  • Difficulty
  • Tricks
  • Musicality


  • Impact
  • Crowd appeal


  • Clearness
  • Execution
  • Transitions


  • Dynamics
  • Originality
  • Artistic choices

Okay, So let us wait and watch what is going to happen in World Of Dance Season 3. More Updates are soon going to roll in. So stay tuned.

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