zero movie collection and prediction

Zero Movie Collection and Prediction [All Day Collections]

Shahrukh Khan upcoming movie Zero is the talk of the town for now. Everyone is making their guesses on what Zero Movie Collection will be like. In this article, you are going to get all the latest details related to the box office collection and prediction regarding it.

Zero is going to release on 21st of December, 2018. Everyone is waiting for the movie to hit the big screen from quite a while now. Before jumping right into it, let us see what we know about the movie for now.

Zero Movie Plot & Story

Not much material from the movie is released for now. All everyone knows is that Shah Rukh Khan is playing as a dwarf in the movie. And the title of the movie is ‘Zero’ so it is quite obvious to assume that the movie will be somehow related to the struggle of a dwarf. Well, it is just an assumption, but we know for sure that the movie has far more to offer.

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Everyone knows about SRK and what he is capable of. The first look of the movie also revealed a small cameo of Salman Khan in the movie. And the way Shah Rukh Khan acts in the scene is just awesome. Although the SRK’s character is physically challenged, the movie will touch heights without any doubt.

Zero (2018) Movie Cast

Well everyone is quite known to the cast of Zero Movie. It is also because of the cast that everyone has huge expectation regarding Zero Movie Collection. The Cast of the movie goes like this:

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Anushka Sharma

Zero Movie Collection & Prediction

This is where the things become big. Yes, the movie has a huge budget and surely it is expecting huge returns. Everyone in India is quite familiar to the love fans have for Shah Rukh Khan. So crossing a couple hundred crores is normal for such a movie.

You can see the work done in the movie by looking at Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the movie. So the predicted all-time Zero Movie Collection according to us is surely above 300 Crore.

zero movie collection and prediction

And I guess the movie can easily achieve this goal by looking at the hype among everyone. So what are your Predictions on the movie collection of Zero? Tell us by voting below:

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Zero Movie Budget

The Budget of the movie is more than 150 Crore Rupees. Yup, That’s Right!

The budget is huge. So is everything about the movie. Looking at the performance of SRK and his priceless expressions, we can say that something big is going to happen in the Bollywood this December 2018.

More information about the Budget is going to be present here so stick around.

Shah Rukh Khan is producing new movie ‘Badla’ Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu

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Zero Movie All day Collections and Predictions

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Days Zero Movie Collection
Day 1 Rs 20.14 crores
Day 2 Rs 18.22 Crores
Day 3 Will be Updated
Day 4 Will be Updated
Day 5 Will be Updated
Day 6 Will be Updated
Day 7 Will be Updated

“All-time Collection of Zero: Rs 38.36 Crores (Still Increasing)”

So this is it for everything related to the collection and predictions related to the Zero Movie 2018. We hope the movie makes it to the Top charts this year.

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